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Why Digital Transformation
Kuwait Conference?

With digital transformation as a key pillar for Kuwait Vision 2035, the country is focusing on adopting smart and digital technologies to innovate its services, drive the economy, and improve quality of life, while increasing operational efficiency and performance of key sectors. This goal has pushed for greater investment in Kuwait’s ICT market which is expected to reach 10B USD by 2024 (Global Data).

Whether it is providing access to accurate data, easier and timely communication with customers, efficient services, or informed decision making, digitalization can transform how governments and companies run their operations and services. However, to achieve digitalization goals and launch new smart services and platforms, stakeholders need to overcome critical challenges including system and data integration, cultural and behavioral adaptation to new technologies, data storage capacity, and cyber threats.

In collaboration with the Central Agency for Information Technology – CAIT, the Digital Transformation Kuwait Conference is hosted on 2-3 November 2022, to provide a national platform for Kuwait’s digitalization stakeholders and ICT experts, game changers, and leading international solution providers and consultants to discuss the latest plans and innovations in the country’s digital transformation journey, global best practices, and innovative solutions to overcome challenges faced and ensure a successful and secure digitalization.

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Key Conference Elements

2-Day Cutting-Edge Conference Program

A high-level international forum addressing key advances and pressing challenges in Kuwait digital transformation through opening speeches, presentations, panel discussions, and more

VIP Majlis

A high-level international forum addressing key advances and pressing challenges in Kuwait digital transformation through opening speeches, presentations, panel discussions, and more

2-Day Exhibition of the Latest Technologies and Solutions

Showcasing the latest advances in digital transformation

Media and Live Broadcast Area

Coordinating media interviews between international, regional, and local channels, VIPs, speakers, sponsors, and delegates.

Awards Ceremony

Prestigious ceremony to honor the event partners

Event Key Themes

Advisory Board

Dr. Ammar Alhusaini
Dr. Ammar Alhusaini
Dr. Rami Al-Sahhar
Dr. Rami Al-Sahhar
Tamer Charife
Tamer Charife


Mrs. Haya Alwadani
Mrs. Haya Alwadani
Dr. Ammar Alhusaini
Dr. Ammar Alhusaini
Saud Khalid Al-Zaid
Saud Khalid Al-Zaid
Ajai Thomas
Ajai Thomas
Mai Al Owaish
Mai Al Owaish
Eng. Ahmed Baioumy
Eng. Ahmed Baioumy
Dina Subuh, Director
Dina Subuh, Director
Dr. Rami Al-Sahhar
Dr. Rami Al-Sahhar
Mohammed Al-Othman
Mohammed Al-Othman
Dr. Rajesh Rajan
Dr. Rajesh Rajan
Rami Al Haddad
Rami Al Haddad
Husain A. Alnakkas
Husain A. Alnakkas
Tamer Charife
Tamer Charife
Dr. Dheeraj Bhardwaj
Dr. Dheeraj Bhardwaj


08:00 Registration, refreshments, and networking 
09:00 Opening remarks by Great Minds Group
09:05 Welcome address and opening remarks by the conference chairman 
09:15 Opening keynote address
Driving Kuwait 2035 Vision for digital transformation
09:30 – 10:15 Opening panel discussion: Driving Kuwait’s vision to transform into a digital society and economy
  • Overview of Kuwait Vision 2035 and digital transformation journey
  • Optimizing collaboration between the government and private sector to build a digital economy
  • What strategies can Kuwait implement from other fast growing digital nations?
  • Enabling digital services and innovation through effective and modern regulation
  • Developing skills and digital culture to build a digital society
10:15 – 10:30 Keynote presentation
10:30 –11:15 Panel discussion: Exploring global best practices for digitalization and technology integration
  • Benchmarking and identifying where Kuwait stands on the regional digital competitiveness scale
  • Overview of the global best practices in digital transformation and how the country can capitalize on them
  • Implementing effective processes and raising the country’s digital standards and competitiveness
  • Integrating advanced technologies in key sectors to enhance performance and optimize productivity
11:15 – 11:45 Networking break
Capitalizing on latest technologies for a successful and secure digital transformation across sectors
11:45 – 12:10 Presentation: Role of emerging technologies in advancing the digitalization journey
  • Exploring Kuwait’s key digital requirements to advance public and private sectors’ services and operations
  • Discussing the main challenges faced in implementing digitalization plans and role of advanced technologies in overcoming them
  • Identifying the right technologies and solutions to successfully execute your digitalization strategy
12:10 - 12:40 Innovation technology session

This session will highlight latest technologies in digitalization. The session consists of 10-minute back-to-back presentations from experts in the industry who will provide insights and case studies on the successful application of a variety of digital innovations

  • Industry insight one
  • Industry insight two
12:40 – 13:20 Panel discussion: Improving healthcare delivery through digital transformation
  • Introducing new electronic health record (EHR) system to provide quick access to the patients’ records
  • Advancing healthcare sector in Kuwait through AI and ML solutions for robotic surgeries
  • Role of e-health technologies in supporting remote consultation
13:20 – 14:00 Panel discussion: Digitalization of the banking and financial sector – from digital services to open banking, and future payments
  • Accelerating the development of electronic banking and mobile banking solutions
  • Driving business transformation through prioritization of customer experience and of data utilization and analytics
  • Risk management, changing business models, regulations – what is the biggest challenge facing the digital finance services sector?
  • Supporting fintech collaboration with traditional banking services
  • Exploring latest technologies for banking and financial sector digitalization
  • Exploring the future of BFSI in Kuwait with neo and open banking
14:00 – 14:20 Presentation:  Enabling digital transformation through a robust e-payment and digital transaction infrastructure
  • Identifying the necessary steps for an effective online transaction system
  • Implementing privacy protection policies to gain customer trust and confidence in the safety of their personal information
  • Discovering the latest opportunities and technologies in e-payments
  • Exploring best methods and techniques to prevent identity theft
  • Preventing security breaches through optimizing the use of strong passwords, biometrics, and 3d secure authentication methods
14:20   Closing remarks
14:30 Networking lunch and end of day one 
08:30 Registration, refreshments, and networking 
09:30 Welcome address and opening remarks by the conference chairman
Advancing service delivery and customer experience
9:30 – 10:15 panel discussion: Delivering an enhanced customer experience in a digitalized era
  • Exploring the steps to deliver a secure and user-friendly customer experience
  • Utilizing chatbot and live chat technologies to increase the speed of customer interactions in real-time
  • Predicting customer behavior through advanced analytics for enhanced service delivery
10:15 – 10:30 Keynote presentation
10:30 – 11:10 Panel discussion: Government digital transformation - Innovative and intelligent solutions to enable efficient operations and services
  • Developing efficient and secure public authorities’ access to necessary customer information to reduce service complexity and delivery time, improve quality, and increase customer satisfaction
  • Implementing ERP and process automation systems and tools to improve and streamline government operations
  • Delivering online governmental services and platforms that are user-friendly for a better digital experience
  • Implementing system integration between governmental platforms to improve digital service delivery
  • Utilizing advanced computing and data analytics to support government leaders in taking informed decisions and improve public service
11:10 – 11:30 Innovation technology session

This session will highlight latest technologies in digitalization. The session consists of 10-minute back-to-back presentations from experts in the industry who will provide insights and case studies on the successful application of a variety of digital innovations.

  • Industry insight one
  • Industry insight two
11:30 – 11:50 Networking break
Developing the required infrastructure and capabilities for Kuwait’s digital journey
11:50 – 12:30 Panel discussion: The new normal work environment – Enabling hybrid work structure in Kuwait
  • Discussing the latest digital workplace strategies and policies for a secure hybrid workplace
  • Enhancing hybrid work productivity connectivity and flexibility measures to boost and ensure work efficiency
  • Creating a work-home balance and improving mental health state to elevate employees’ performance
12:30 – 12:45 Presentation: Leveraging on 5G network – Why ensuring advanced connectivity is essential to the country’s digital transformation
12:45 – 13:25 Panel: Cloud computing adoption to increase storage capacity and enable digitalization
  • Identifying the steps needed for a successful cloud computing adoption and integration
  • Capitalizing on cloud benefits without compromising information privacy and security
  • Implementing effective security practices to ensure the security and integrity of data
  • Developing and implementing a robust cloud regulatory framework and ensuring compliance
13:25 – 13:40 Presentation: Implementing a cultural transformation strategy within the organization to ensure successful digitalization
  • Elevating the company’s learning maturity through upskilling and reskilling of employees
  • Planning, transparency, communication, and employee participation for an effective change management procedure
  • Enhancing cultural transformation by deploying IT knowledge and skills through all divisions
13:40 – 14:15 Panel discussion: Securing and safeguarding the digital infrastructure from cyber threats
  • Fostering a culture for cyber security by training employees on key risks to prevent vulnerabilities
  • Implementing effective cyber security solutions such as web Application firewalls, SIEM solutions and vulnerability scanning technologies to predict, detect and prevent malicious attacks
  • Developing and enforcing cyber security policies to ensure maximum protection and detection of cyber threats
  • Strengthening response vulnerability management analysis
14:15 Wrap up, recommendations and closing remark
14:30 Closing remarks, networking lunch and end of conference

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Chiefs, VPs, Directors, Heads, Specialists, Advisors, and Consultants from the following departments:

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